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Avail a premium product range comprising Fantasia Dhoop Sticks, Chandan Fragrance Agarbatti Sticks, Kasturi Dhoop Sticks, etc.

About Us

Because of their pleasant fragrance, dhoop sticks, agarbatti sticks, incense sticks, and other similar goods are always in high demand, but they must be of superb quality, which only a few companies, including ours, Vikram Stores can assure. We have worked extremely hard since our establishment in the year 1965 to establish ourselves as a major manufacturer, supplier, trader and wholesaler of the best quality agarbatti sticks, incesnse sticks, dhoop sticks, etc., in the market. Kapoor Gugal Dhoop Sticks, Chandan Fragrance Agarbatti Sticks, Premium Fragrance Incense Stick, Divine Prayer Agarbatti Sticks, Sandal Dhoop Sticks, Mogra Fragrance Incense Stick, etc., are examples of goods in our extensive collection. Our goods are all prepared from the best quality raw materials, which is why they smell so fragrant and fresh.

Our Journey Towards Success

The long history of existence of a company is usually beneficial for them to gain the trust of customers. Similarly, throughout the journey of our company which spans over more than 57 years, we have always valued our clients and given them with the best solutions. Throughout our journey towards success, we have ensured the following attributes:

  • We make certain that each & every client always receives the best quality products.
  • We keep conducting extensive market research in order to modify our product range.
  • We have installed machinery & equipment of newest technologies despite our long years of existence.
  • We have always ensured that all orders of customers are delivered securely and within the specified time limit.

Quality Assurance

It is vital for manufacturing companies to guarantee that their goods are of excellent quality in order to gain the trust of their clients. As a consequence, our company follows the highest quality standards, allowing us to produce a top-notch product line. In our skillfully produced variety, we have Premium Fragrance Incense Stick, Sandal Dhoop Sticks, Kapoor Gugal Dhoop Sticks, Mogra Fragrance Incense Stick, Chandan Fragrance Agarbatti Sticks, Divine Prayer Agarbatti Sticks, and other products. Our highly skilled personnel ensures that quality is prioritised in the processing of all goods. In addition, the materials used in the packaging of our products are also of excellent quality in order to ensure their safe delivery to clients.